Dynast io

Dynast io game is one of the coolest RTS with very high popularity and a huge number of online players. In Dynast.io have everything you need to enjoy realy interesting game. You can mine resourses, create items, build your empire, fight with rivals, team up with friends adn more.

Dynast io game

About game

You can fully enjoy the beautiful game thanks to the excellent game idea and the highest quality of its performance. A huge number of servers around the world will provide excellent quality connection.

Dynast io

How to play

Mine resources to create tools, weapons, clothing and armor. Convenient intuitive menu and nice crafting system will help you quickly understand all gameplay features. Any newcomer can catch everything thanks to detailed description of all crafting processes in different languages.


Here everything is very simple and convenient.
WASD to move
Left click - action. Enjoy!