Helmet Royale io

Helmet Royale io is a new game in Battle Royale style with some gameplay features. Basic rules and main goal in the game Helmetroyale.io will not be a surprise for majority of gamers.

Helmet Royale io game

About game

Just from the beginning it is necessary as soon as possible to find weapons, armor and first-aid kits in order to fight and survive on a decreasing battlefield. Wins the one who remains last alive. But along with the usual rules in the game there are some features of control and nice looking pixel graphics.

Helmet Royale io

How to play

Move around within allowed space. Open chests in search of valuable loot. To pick up drop, use F button (only cartridges you get automatically). Armor can be enhanced with special boosters. Lost health can be replenished with first-aid kits.


WASD - move
LMB – attack
Shift or spacebar - speed up
F to pick up or open
R – reload
Buttons 1,2,3 – inventory.