Lordz2.io game is an opportunity to enjoy popular lords io game in new cool performance. Significantly enhanced gameplay, beautiful updated look, new skills and fresh game units along with a generous reward system will certainly delight you in new game Lordz 2 Conquest.

Lordz2.io game

About game

As a reward for your gaming activity and game achievements, you will receive chests with a variety of improvements for all game components. Increase power of your troops to establish control over large areas. Build your strategy to conquer all around.


How to play

Main thing that you need to gain strength and develop in the game Lordz2.io is money. In the beginning of each battle you have start-up capital, but this is not enough to get everything you want. Therefore, you will have to collect coins that are scattered everywhere. Over time, the speed of collecting money increases because your army covers large area. You can spend collected capital at your own discretion to develop in the way you choose. Each player has his own strategy. This is main advantage of all RTS games.


By default, use WASD buttons to move. But you can change this setting to mouse control.