Sword io

Sword io game is new non-shooting Battle Royale that will surprise you with its original idea. Collect swords to grow, switch from attack mode to defense mode in time, avoid yellow-black blocks and black holes, use speed boosters in order to gain advantage in battle.
Rocket will increase speed of movement, and yellow star will accelerate rotation of swords ring that increase attack and defense.
In the game Sword.io, we see cool combination of several popular styles such as the Battle Royale and classic mass-gaining game in Agario style.

Sword io

Sword io game

How to play

1. To become stronger in the game Sword io you need to collect swords scattered around the playing field.
2. Stay away from the striped blocks and do not come close to black holes. These objects will destroy your swords ring.
3. Switch to protection mode in case of danger.
4. Try to block enemy in corner.

Improve your skills using the money earned. You will receive reward for your activity in the game and for your combat achievements. Additional bonuses will be awarded for cups.


Press and hold left mouse button to move.
Unhold to stop - switch to protection mode.