Wormax2.io game is cool continuation of famous snake io battle with significantly improved graphics and new additional gameplay features. The first thing you need to pay attention to in the game Wormax 2 .io is three lives for each character. The second very important difference is that at your disposal there are three skills that greatly diversify the gameplay. Also, look for a variety of boosters that provide temporary advantages in battle with competitors.


Wormax2.io game

How to play

In spite of presence of new interesting functions, the game Wormax2.io basically fully complies with rules we love.
1. Eat food to get bigger and bigger.
2. Avoid colliding with the body of another worm.
3. Try to make a competitor to ram into your snake.
Plus enjoy new features - use skills in battle to outwit rivals. Accelerate, stop or activate immortality. Skill reuse is possible after a short reload.


Control snake with cursor
Click to accelerate - as usual with weight loss
QWE - to activate skills