Yo ho ho io

Yohoho io game is funny Battle Royale arena in which you will fight in close combat using only hand weapons. Gold coins can be found in chests, but the best way to get rich is to get coins from defeated rivals.

Yo ho ho io game

About game

You need money to buy new powerful skins. In addition, gold coins are pirated food that is needed for growth. Therefore, the more money you collect in each fight the bigger your character becomes. Big and strong pirate is more likely to reach final battle and become the only one winner.

Yo ho ho io

How to play

Yohoho io gameplay is most like other popular arena fights, such as Brutalmania or Evowars. But, in this game Battle Royale rule of surviving till last player on narrowing battlefield has been added. To be successful in each duel you need to fight face to face with your enemy. Thus, you can block opponent's attack. The main thing is not to allow enemy to attack you from back.


Character follows cursor.
One click of the left mouse button - one hit.
A long press of the left mouse button gives charge for acceleration.